Family Worship Made Simple

I’ve seen an increased level of interest in Family Worship over the last few months. This ancient practice has greatly benefitted my family over the last few years. Below I’ve outlined how we do Family Worship in our home.

Firstly I have two extremely active young boys (Aged 4 and 6). We plan to have family worship together after dinner and we use a very simple structure. Ultimately it’s up to you to discover what works best for your family.

Family Worship has three components: Read-Pray-Sing* 


Read Scripture at a level appropriate for your family. For our boys, we read the narrative portions of Scripture e.g Genesis, Exodus, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Acts.

At this age, we just read a few verses each night and pick up from where we left off the next night. Easy!

We ask the kids some comprehension questions afterward the reading. Karly and I will also talk about the verses that personally stood out to us.


This can look however you want it to look. For our family, Karly or I will pray about what we’ve read and for our family generally. 


Spend some time singing worship songs together. There is a huge selection of songs/hymns on Youtube. Simply find a good video with lyrics on-screen and you’re set. We sing two songs a night.

Bonus Idea:
 Many families do Scripture memory verses or memorise Catechism questions together as well.  There are numerous children’s Catechisms and memory-verse helps online as well. 


I can’t recommend Family Worship enough. Our world is full of secular rhythms and ritual and I’m passionate about including “sacred rhythms” into the flow of our everyday lives.

Just as flowing water slowly fashions and shapes the rock underneath, so too these rhythms (both secular and sacred) form us and mold us in untold ways. I would strongly commend the Biblical practice of Family Worship to you.

I’ve listed some helpful resources on Family Worship below. This is the tip of the ice-berg. If you Google “Family Worship” or “Family Devotions” you will find a vast array of helpful gear to suit all families. You just have to find it.




*I’m indebted to Don Whitney and his excellent book “Family Worship” (see above link) for this simple 3-fold outline.

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